Rod End Accessories

Spherical Eye, Female Clevis, Male Eye

Wiper Seals

Nonstandard seals are available, Consult the Factory

Bronze Gland Bush

Bronze Gland Bush

Integral Ports

UNFas standard

Tie Bolt Construction

For ease of servicing or replacing mounting styles

Piston Rod

Standard is chromeplated 1045 Steel. Options

Cylinder Tube

Heavy Wall Steel Tube, Fully Honed Bore, Leak Proof

Piston Seals

Five pieces, Positive sealing. Piston Seal Options

Integral Ports

Machined into Heas and End Caps, No Tube Distortion

Cylinder Rod


  • We customise for our client, cylinder range is designed for industrial application and is manufactured to an International standard that has been a proven solution for the industry over many years.
  • Benefits are a large number of mounting styles, ease of service and repair, inter changeability of components and a proven design used by OEMs around the world.
  • Mechanical (metal) Rod Wiper seals available in all piston rod sizes.
  • Replaceable Rod Bush assembly. (Normal and High-speed operation.)
  • Cushioned Cylinders are manufactured with self-aligning cushion pieces and cushion studs.
  • Cylinder Tubes are Spigotted to fully machined end caps to ensure linear alignment.