Design & Supervision Consultancy

The Design Consultancy Team will undertake the complete turn-key design services of the entire project. The team consists of the following disciplines:
  • Master planners, architects, interior designer, landscape architects and other design professionals
  • Engineers (infrastructure, structural, electrical, mechanical etc.)
  • Facility management consultants
  • Specialty consultants (fire safety, security, parking, lighting, acoustic, vertical transportation, kitchen & laundry, facade, LEED, etc.)
  • Localization consultants


The Supervision Consultancy Team provides quality management services via monitoring and evaluating work executed on site by the Contractors and taking necessary actions to ensure the proper adherence to and implementation of the design documents.

This is a category specific design consultancy service that we provide in-house for most categories, and in some categories we hire third party design experts to provide better insights. In this package, you choose a specific element of your product, project or service and we focus more on that element. For example, you might need to improve its packaging or communication to make your product or service more appealing to customers, and we can suggest you a series of changes, new forms or people in the industry to work with to achieve these suggestions. You can order multiple versions of this service, for example you can order Packaging Design Consultancy, Communication Design Consultancy as well as Engineering and Technical Design Consultancy as separate packages. There are no discounts when you order different packages but it is likely that we will work with different experts to provide you better insights. Unlike the In House Design Consultancy Service, in this package, we partially do a bit of the work to make your product better. We can for example present you drafts, overall process flows, indicative materials or technologies.

Design Stage


Preparation of the design drawings through BIM


Preparation of project technical specifications


Selection of materials, preparation of material boards, renders etc.


Coordination of specialty designs


Obtaining Authority approvals