If you want to correctly evaluate the shares of products and services in the value creation within your company or as an external service, you will need precise information on the structure and the impact of the individual cost items. The in-depth cost breakdown analyses by Catalyst Sourcing.

The companies which have knowledge and transparency regarding these cost items will be able to creatively design and optimize their value creation concerning materials and processes or systematically pursue and enforce pricing policies in negotiations with suppliers.

Guaranty Accurate Results For Your Cost Breakdown Analysis

Catalyst Sourcing will provide comprehensive know-how concerning manufacturing technologies and processes, procurement markets, benchmark analyses, material prices, target markets, and manufacturing, personnel, and overhead cost structures. At this point, we benefit from several years of know-how and experience so that we can accomplish our agenda to serve our customers with means of established cost accounting processes.

We will achieve this by our Catalyst Cost Breakdown Software which we can use to derive accurately and always current reports on all sectoral areas of the production industry – in a transparent and comprehensible manner!