• Over the decade Catalyst has been a step forward to provide an upper-hand solution to our clients, hence we have come up with CATALYST SMART.
  • With the increase in demand, the requirement to develop new vendors becomes essential, But maintaining several vendors is a taste! Catalyst resolves it for you, with one source solution profile.
  • Instead of handling multiple vendors; Catalyst will work for you and become your one-window solution.
  • With Catalyst smart even a small team can give excellent output as supply chain persons can get more time to focus on core projects.
  • Timely coordination and completion of the project as per your requirement, with no multiple actions.
Out sourcing company in India

Unique Service for SMEs


  • Excessive hassle with vendor management
  • Supplier selection and Auditing.
  • Expensive and time-consuming travels for auditing suppliers.
  • Quality controls and failure analysis
  • Supply chain management
  • High inventory carrying costs
  • Rejection at stores and high probability of missing stocks
  • Hassle of multiple payment terms and incoterms
  • Paying for multiple transactions.
  • Huge workforces
Out sourcing company in India

You name it we do it for you


  • We do it for you through our one-window solution
  • Technical support with our skilled employees
  • Timely completion of the projects at an optimized cost
  • Reduced diversified focus
  • Free inventory carrying cost for 60 days
  • You pay us and we pay for you
  • Successful practicing with NZ & Aus clients