12 years of CATALYST

Where we work to make you succeed.

Since 2010, CATALYST has been successfully optimizing the procurement and product costs of their small and medium-sized business clients. CATALYST is considered a pioneer of the success-oriented purchase consulting in INDIA. Our way of working is strictly transparent, target-oriented, responsible and entrepreneurial. Our long-standing experience is the basis for an extensive and implementation-oriented management consulting with a focus on a sustainable purchase and supply-chain optimization.
Our course of action is as entrepreneurial as that of our clients. Responsible, down-to-earth and reliable. Even our remuneration has been success-oriented – for over 12 years.

Jitendra Kumar Mishra, CEO

About Us

People First

OUR PEOPLE are the key to the success of our business. Catalyst Sourcing is filled with hardworking, passionate, and talented people. We value the individuality and diversity each one brings to the company and seek to align with their personal growth and professional development. We put people first in the process of Learning & Growth and empower them to bloom along with the company.

Social Responsibility

At catalyst Sourcing, we have a passion for social responsibility and a moral obligation to help others. With the belief of growing together and overall development of not just our company but the society- the catalyst gave employment to the local villagers and help them in developing skills to improve their lifestyle along with their family members.

Working Safely

We care for the whole well-being of our employees by providing them with a safe workplace. Occupational health and safety are dealt with the most attention. We offer comprehensive healthcare infrastructure which includes a fleet of network dispensaries and hospitals. When it comes to the safety of employees, we never take a second chance.